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Welcome to the Dynamo scripts site. On this page, you can find all details regarding the purchase of access to all Dynamo scripts which I already completed (scripts which you can see on the Blog page and in the list below).

If you are interested in our Refund policy please click here to read it.

Together with Dynamo script files, you will be able to download my Revit project files which I used while I was developing the scripts. The price for the access will rise as the number of new scripts rises so make sure that you bought access as soon as you can.

Below, you can see the list of all available scripts at the moment, that number will continue to grow with time. For more information regarding those scripts click on the script name.

1Automatically place Room Tags
2Rectangular Duct Weight Part
3Manipulate with Revisions
4Elements location in the building
5Place Legend on the multiple Sheets
6Create sheets from the Excel file
7Enhance Tag All
8Smart usage of the Filled Region
9Intersects Tags
10Detect and schedule element by level
11Pipe supports
12Align elements on the ceilings
13Compare the models inside the Revit
14Cut ceilings and walls
15Show a critical path
16Create a custom duct fitting
17Automatic dimensions (center to center)
18Automatic dimensions (side to side)
19Pipe isometric view
20Automatically create aligned tags
21Autodesk CFD – Subtract the volume
22Schedule to show only elements visible on the sheet
23Legends and schedules list to Excel
24Improved AutoDimension
25Connect devices
26The number of bricks
27AutoCAD drawing to Pipes, Ducts or Cable Trays
28Enhance Tag All – Simplified
29Duct insulation
30Wall openings for MEP installations
31Automatically read coordinates for the legend
32Connect devices R1
33Multiple pipes hanger
34AutoCAD drawing to equipment
35Conduit fitting bend radius
36Family name to a family instance
37Cable tray clearance
38Add pipe insulation by pipe size
39To the Excel and back
40Cable Tray divider
41Find duplicate tags
42Create tiles
43Add pipe insulation by pipe size R2
44Installation length calculator
45Wall openings R2022
46Schedule with elements visible on the sheet R2022
47Cut walls with linked structure elements
48Sprinkler distance check
49Remove scope boxes
50Copy elements and circuits between views
51Resolving collisions – Up and down
52Fittings for installations generated from AutoCAD
53Navisworks to Revit
54IFC to Revit
55Navisworks to Revit – Update (Shared coordinates)
56Find the dimensions with fake value
57Add insulation by pipe system and size R3
58Export or Delete Unconnected Fittings
59Change materials
60Cut walls with linked structure elements R2023
61Select by Workset
62AutoCAD objects to Revit elements
63Installation length calculator R1
64Place Legend on the multiple Sheets R2022
65Add insulation by pipe system and size R4
66Export schedules
67Create a legend using the selected elements
68Copy parameter values
69Create duct and pipe systems from Excel
70Quickly isolate one Family Type
71Stair Volume
72Unhide elements by Category
73Round duct weight

1Practical Dynamo Course – Introduction and the first steps
2Practical Dynamo Course – Geometry
3Practical Dynamo Course – Access and change Revit parameter from Dynamo
4Practical Dynamo Course – If/else different methods
5Practical Dynamo Course – Lighting design
6Practical Dynamo Course – Working with a linked IFC file
7Practical Dynamo Course – Importing Geometry