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Universal scripts



Universal scripts are scripts that can be used by any discipline. By purchasing access to the Universal scripts listed below, you will gain full access to existing and future Dynamo scripts as well as my sample files. To learn more about any script, simply click on its name.

1 Automatically place Room Tags
2 Manipulate with Revisions
3 Elements location in the building
4 Place Legend on the multiple Sheets
5 Create sheets from the Excel file
6 Enhance Tag All
7 Smart usage of the Filled Region
8 Detect and schedule elements by level
9 Compare the models inside the Revit
10 Cut ceilings and walls
11 Automatically create aligned tags
12 Autodesk CFD – Subtract the volume
13 Schedule to show only elements visible on the sheet
14 Legends and schedules list to Excel
15 The number of bricks
16 Enhance Tag All – Simplified
17 Wall openings for MEP installations
18 Automatically read coordinates for the legend
19 Family name to a family instance
20 To the Excel and back
21 Find duplicate tags
22 Create tiles
23 Wall openings R2022
24 Schedule with elements visible on the sheet R2022
25 Cut walls with linked structure elements
26 Navisworks to Revit
27 Navisworks to Revit – Shared coordinates update
28 Change materials
29 Cut walls with linked structure elements R2023
30 Select by Workset
31 Place Legend on the multiple Sheets R2022
32 Export schedules
33 Create a legend using the selected elements
34 Copy parameter values
35 Quickly isolate one Family Type
36 Stair Volume
37 Unhide elements by Category


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