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Automatic dimensions (centers)

The purpose of this video is to show you the basic which you will need if you like to create dimensions from the Dynamo.

This script can produce automatic dimensions between grids and the ducts and also between walls and the ducts. Because of the Dynamo node limitation dimensions are always created at the center of the element. That is good for the grids, but it is not so good for the wall elements.

This video also shows the positive and negative things regarding the possibility of Dynamo to create dimensions at this point.

Please make sure that before you start using this script that you back up your existing project model.

Also, if you want to download this (and all other scripts) with my sample files please visit the Shop page.

The script uses the following Dynamo packages:

spring nodes v.203.2.0 
GeniusLoci v.2020.8.20

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