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Create duct and pipe systems from Excel

As per the user’s request, I tested whether we can create duct and pipe systems by populating an Excel sheet.

The Excel sheet needs to contain information regarding the System name, System Classification, and Color (RGB values).

The script will then read all the data from the Excel sheet and create systems while setting the system colors.

Please ensure that before you start using this script, you back up the existing project model.

Also, if you wish to download this (and all other scripts) along with my sample files, please visit the Shop page.

The script uses the following Dynamo packages:

MEPover | v.2022.10.30
DynaMEP | v.1.2.8
Clockwork | 

1 thought on “Create duct and pipe systems from Excel”

  1. Hello, dear Nenad, we would like you to give us a lesson on the issues that can be encountered with different versions of Revit and Dynamo packages. Sometimes, even if a package is installed, Dynamo claims it’s not. Occasionally, if we have more than one version of Revit, compatibility issues arise. Please help us. I am Mamadou; I have already purchased your scripts.

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