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MEP scripts



With this product, you will have access to all existing and future MEP scripts. Below you can see the current list of MEP scripts. If you want to find out more about the script you can click on the script name.

1 Rectangular Duct Weight Part
2 Intersects Tags
3 Pipe supports
4 Align elements on the ceilings
5 Show a critical path
6 Create a custom duct fitting
7 Automatic dimensions (center to center)
8 Automatic dimensions (side to side)
9 Pipe isometric view
10 Improved AutoDimension
11 Connect devices
12 AutoCAD drawing to Pipes, Ducts or Cable Trays
13 Duct insulation
14 Connect devices R1
15 Multiple pipes hanger
16 AutoCAD drawing to equipment
17 Conduit fitting bend radius
18 Cable tray clearance
19 Add pipe insulation by pipe size
20 Cable Tray divider
21 Add pipe insulation by pipe size R2
22 Installation length calculator
23 Sprinkler distance check
24 Copy elements and circuits between views
25 Resolving collisions – Up and down
26 Fittings for installations generated from AutoCAD
27 IFC to Revit
28 Add insulation by pipe system and size R3
29 Export or Delete Unconnected Fittings
30 AutoCAD objects to Revit elements
31 Installation length calculator R1
32 Add insulation by pipe system and size R4
33 Create duct and pipe systems from Excel
34 Round duct weight


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