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Create a legend using the selected elements

The script can create a legend for selected elements belonging to one or more categories. The user can select either all elements in the view or just a few of them.

If the user selects multiple instances of the same element, the script will identify unique elements to include in the legend.

The legend is presented in two columns: on the left are the elements, and on the right, the script provides a textual description of each element type.

To create the script, the user must create a legend and insert at least one element due to Revit API limitations. The script will then remove that initial element, ensuring the legend displays only the elements the user selects.

Please ensure that before you start using this script, you back up the existing project model.

Also, if you wish to download this (and all other scripts) along with my sample files, please visit the Shop page.

The script uses the following Dynamo packages:

Data-Shapes | v.2023.2.112
Clockwork | 
GeniusLoci | v.2022.9.16
archilab | 
Synthesize | 

2 thoughts on “Create a legend using the selected elements”

  1. This is super nice!

    Do you know what the spacing is between the lines? (if i wanna copy a new line in with the exact same distance)

  2. Can you make this alphabetical order ?
    I do electrical stuff, and i would love if all my Light fixtures/switches was next to eachother.

    This is such i good idea, i will definitely use it no matter what, thank you so much.

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