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Add pipe insulation by pipe size R1

This is an improved version of the previous script:


– Now the script will automatically delete existing insulation for the selected system and add new.

– I did resolve problems that could occur with previous versions and insulation for the flex pipes.

Please make sure that before you start using this script that you back up your existing project model.

Also, if you want to download this (and all other scripts) with my sample files please visit the Shop page.

The script uses the following Dynamo packages:

MEPover v.2020.6.2
Data-Shapes v.2022.2.97
Clockwork v.2.3.0

2 thoughts on “Add pipe insulation by pipe size R1”

  1. Hello,
    It seems like MEPOver node “element.addinsulation” don’t work with Revit 2022.
    So sad…
    Do you have an idea ?

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