Cable Tray divider

This is a script that can help you to place Cable Trays dividers. There is no default option in the Revit for this so I did create a divider family and the script will place those elements on each Cable Tray. The script will automatically… Read More »Cable Tray divider

Cable tray clearance

A very simple script that needs to add volume above the cable trays in order to “reserve” that volume for cable tray access. The script will take cable trays and fittings, convert them to solid and translate that geometry in +Z direction for the maximal… Read More »Cable tray clearance

Connect devices R1

This is an improvement of the existing script which was able to connect devices with the pipe. As shown in the video the script is tested on Revit 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. In this version of the script, some fields are excluded from the… Read More »Connect devices R1

Duct insulation

This is the script that can automatically add insulation to the Ducts, Duct Fittings, Duct Accessories and Flex Ducts categories. Inside the script, there are two approaches. The first approach is to select System Type and then the script will recognize all elements (with the… Read More »Duct insulation

Connect devices

The purpose of this script is to connect different devices with the pipe. Before running the script the user should check what is the system classification of the connector on the device. The script will always create three new pipes in order to connect the… Read More »Connect devices

Pipe isometric view

If you are searching for the Dynamo script which will automate some part of your tasks regarding the pipe isometric view then you can check this script. This script is able to automatically assign Mark values as unique values. Also, the user has the freedom… Read More »Pipe isometric view

Align elements

This script actually has two parts. The first script needs to export .DWG file from the view and the second script will align all elements. The script is able to handle multiple ceilings in the one room, cascade ceilings and ceilings that have a rotation… Read More »Align elements

Intersects Tags

In this video, you can see how Dynamo can help in situations when you need to detect if tags overlap other elements in the view. It is useful to run a script like this before you send your drawings in order to check if your… Read More »Intersects Tags

Enhance Tag All

This script can work with Pipe and Duct elements. If needed it can easily be reworked for other categories. The script gives you the freedom to choose which system do you want to tag (you do not need to tag all elements on the view).… Read More »Enhance Tag All