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Add pipe insulation by pipe size

The purpose of the script is to automate the process of adding insulation to the pipes. The user should select the System on which the script needs to add insulation and the type of insulation.

Then the script will read all pipe diameters for the selected system and it will offer a new user interface in which the user can enter different insulation thicknesses for each pipe diameter. The script will automatically add insulation for pipes, pipe fittings, pipe accessories and flex pipes.

Note: The script does not work if you already have some insulation on the above-mentioned elements. In that case, the user should at first remove existing insulation and then start the script.

Please make sure that before you start using this script that you back up your existing project model.

Also, if you want to download this (and all other scripts) with my sample files please visit the Shop page.

The script uses the following Dynamo packages:

MEPover v.2020.6.2
Data-Shapes v.2022.2.97

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